Computational Media

class 1: Why computation applies to my interests?

As a freshly graduated student in Industrial Design and with an interest in the field of UX and UI , computational media is important to me because it allows me to make my design more interactive.

I was required to take C++ while in my freshmen year  of undergraduate study in Shanghai, during that time I fail to see how programming would have a positive influence on my future career as a designer. Looking back, I wish I had know that to design means more than to draw the perfect products sketches or to make a car prettier.

When I was an UX intern at IBM Studio Shanghai at my final year of undergraduate,  I began to know about how design can solve the real life issue and how design can really serve human being. To me that, coding is a useful tool to make to make design human-centered and interactive.

I like this work called “Oasis“, created by Yusil Heo and Hyunwoo Bang from the ITP inspiration page. It uses the create an inspiring interaction between human and nature by the sense of touch with the interesting contrast between artificial and nature.


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