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class 1: Spongebob & Alien’s baby sketch!! ; )

Okayy, here is my first work finished by P5.js .

Spongebob&Alien’s baby


This work took me almost around 40 mins to finish the rest of the body parts except the lips. Arranging the shapes and getting the right color by AI Adobe was easy, however I did struggle a bit when making the right shape of the lips, I checked the references on and asked our ITP residence Rubin, spent sometime trying to figure out how to use function bezierVertex 





And it didn’t went well. : ( I still can’t quite understand, I’ll save that for later days.

However, here is a special thanks to Min Jin Lee (Amanda), who suggest me to use the function random() to make my little freaky monster’s eyes really pop up. LOL

I’m not quite used to documenting my work yet, next time be sure to make pictures while making!!!

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