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Class 2: LED circuit with switch

The whole arduino thing is really new to me, so I’m pretty excited to do my first simple application, which is to make a circuit with parallel two Led, 3 switches and one linked with a resistor and the other linked with a changeable resistor. Which that you can control to let which color on, and change the lightness of the LED.img_4902

However I realized that my adafruit starter kit doesn’t contain a changeable resistor. So I replace the changeable resistor into a simple resistor.


What could be used as a switch. I came up with those below.

  1. A wire that connected and disconnected
  2. Pushbutton
  3. LED that connected positive and negative wrongly

I tried the first two of them, I found out that using pushbutton means to press it down still with your finger and let let go, just in order to let the circuit through, (??seems a little not logical to me)this seems like a lot of work since I’m going to have three switches. So I decided to use the method 1.






I used the red and green wire for the switch for the leds.



Try the switches.



and they works.

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