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Class 3: Follow my Instructions ; )

Well, I hope the title is not too bossy. This time I will be exploring the usage of instructions. In my understanding that since the artist will not be present for the art making in many situation, that makes the instruction super important. This time I didn’t try to make the very accurate instructions, I am more curious about how different people would react. Here is my instructions below.

Fold a paper three times, each time you fold, make sure at least one pair of the corners are folded together. Unfold the paper when you are finished, then connect all the lines made by folding together, using the maker.

Here is some results:

img_5010 img_5012 img_5015

What the first understand “connect the lines”, she uses the marker to draw the lines.

img_5017 img_5020 img_5024

When connecting the line, he uses the marker to literally draw extra lines and curve in between to make the lines linked together. And when folding, he explore the other totally different way than the first

img_5028 img_5031 img_5042

I was surprised that when she folded for the first time and unfold it, then fold the second time in a totally different way. She asked me if that is ok, I said “do whatever you think is right”. And when connecting the lines, she even turned the paper around and connect the lines on the back too!

From this little experiment, I started to see how the small variations between people can make  a huge difference on the actual products. And I guess the experiment conditions also is important, if the people being tested is busy, or even are you two close to each other. Generally speaking, I think the people who are more relaxed or closer to you, they tend to think of another way around to follow those instructions. But I guess in actual art making world, the instruction has to be accurate in order to fully express what in the artist’s mind, or….. that kind of the “mistakes” can also be a totally different art? Will that make it more “interactive” in a sense?


2 thoughts on “Class 3: Follow my Instructions ; )

  1. this is such a good beginning. a quick exploration from which you get lots of information back from testing. variations are infinite… requires little skill on the part of participants. what sort of art universe does this potentially live in? what i mean is: are you thinking about constructivism? or le witt’s world?

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