Computational Media

Class 3: Clocks

TIme Rain is a project that me and Mona worked together.

I started with some interesting ideas that related to the requirements however due to my lacking in coding experience, I failed to achieve them… but I do have I will make them come true in the future.

I begin to code a single clock using for loop which I have just learned, and thanks to the help of Jade, I understand how to make the clock pin spinning using cos() and sin() function, which really bring me back to middle school math memory, and connecting the dots of knowledge actually feels good

.%e5%b1%8f%e5%b9%95%e5%bf%ab%e7%85%a7-2016-09-29-12-29-46-amThen I added a tool bar on the button to speed up the spinning speed of the pin, for the speed which I used  speed=x1*0.0001, and i wish there will be a better way to represent speed.

As for the background, i wish it to be something that is subtle changing all the time, that’s why I used half half the change to appear either dot or white line,  since the fill was set to partly transparent so , with the keep going time, those dots will be more clear, and are linked together with line. Thus “connect the dots”.

The end project actually reminds me of Naoto Fukasawa’s work. Though the overall coding process was kind of disappointing to me, for not fulfilled my demands in the first place(also I was so ill for the weekend, gotta stay warm!!), but I kinda like the end result.


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