Physical Computing

Class 4: A Mini Fan

As I’m interested in the toy motor , I decided to make something out of it this time.

My first idea was to also make a melody when the mini fan is on, however I seems to fail at coding part… which I will keep working on.

When reading the book that came with the Adafruit starter kit, I found out that when dealing with larger items like a toy motor, an external transistor is required. And I chose a common general purpose transistor P2N2222AG in this case. I also added up a diode to eliminate flyback.img_5209

The connection goes up like this.


I made a mistake when connecting the positive and negative of the motor, and it didn’t work for sure.


Coding part.img_5210


I used some cardboards found in our trash bin at home to cover up the messy wires~ I opened a hole using screwdriver so that the motor could expose and get more stable.


I made a petal using another white cardboard I founded in the bin.


I used the cap from the earphone to act like the cap for the fan..

Power on, yeah!!



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