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Class 4 : A New York Artist’s Checklist

According to Hans Haacke, the main difference in communication between social systems and physical and biological systems is that, for physical or biological processes there is no need for the presence of a viewer. However, a social situation usually follows a different pattern that the process takes place exclusively in the mind of the people. Without participants there is no social set.

Here is a interview William Powhida:

A New York Artist’s Checklist by William Powhida

“Live work in a hip artists neighborhood.”

“Avoid unpleasantness and never talk about art. ”

“If failure privately blame “ignorant people” ”

“Cite philosophy as theory”

“Orient everything around your self interest”

William Powhida’searly works includes a enemies list (including his own father) the artist made, he draws the faces of those he claims to loathe and underlines each with insults such as Nazi, liar hater etc. While everyone else is trying to get ahead in the field of art, he paints a narrative portrait of a man who refuses to go anywhere. With a fierce and awkward relish, he draws heat, purifying without softening his content. As a former art critic, his work often addresses the contemporary art field in a systematic way.

As for this work, the checklist was through enough, offers options from details like where to live to the life attitude. The work was nicely painted on the canvas, to me as a viewer, to read the handwritten letters was rather entertaining . Along with his other works like Why You Should Buy Art and Why You Should Buy Art, it seems that Powhida makes fun of the art world to highlight the paradoxes of the art market. And ironically, some of his work were in the art museum’s collection.

That made me think that, will art market considered “participants” to his work, and if so, will his works be the same if they were not accepted by the art market?


In Conversation with Jeanne Siegel — Hans Haacke

2 thoughts on “Class 4 : A New York Artist’s Checklist

  1. …all you need to do is google “William Powhida insider” and see.
    his gallery makes the most of this, and he’s bragging about it to his potential collectors.
    But maybe i did not understand your question, “will art market considered “participants” to his work, and if so, will his works be the same if they were not accepted by the art market?”
    Can you rephrase that?

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