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Class 5 : See the Failure


The inspiration came from an after-game interview video of the disappointed  Chinese football fan I saw online, (China lost  to Syria 0:1) I was still very shocked by their strong feelings and emotions. Thought I’m not a football fan but it is no doubt that in China, national football team has always been a joke, but I don’t know exactly how weak are we in football. So I started to collect some data. 



be sympathetic with his sufferings

be infuriated at his indifference

Those are the words from my interview to my friends who are football addicted. These words came from Lu Xun, from the novel called “The True Story of Ah Q” published on 1922, 

All data coming from and Sport Sina

// it was completely run by the fun, well, not exactly the fun, but some people who still actually care about them.

We can see that the website is not that official and serious, with a political humor on the front, and it was written by the editor that that “this job should been done by CFA and it was forced that we should do that by ourselves”

Data visualizing

I chose three data to visualize, these are:

  1. How many time the Asian top 12 been in world cup?

Korea 9   270

Japan 5

Saudi Arabia 4

Iran 4

Australian 4

United Arab Emirates 1

China 1


2. 2016 Word Rank –No.81 (No.12 in Asia)


3. China National Football Team compete with Asian top 11 

China VS Japan (7:11)

China VS Thailand (5:15)

China VS Saudi Arabia (6:7)

China VS Iran (5:12)

China VS Korea (2:18)

China VS Syria (6:2)

China VS Iraq (6:8)

China VS Australia (5:8)

China VS Uzbekistan (4:5)

China VS Qatar (5:7)

China VS United Arab Emirates (1:4)


One thought on “Class 5 : See the Failure

  1. I thought the conversation in class about this prototype was very good – i hope you walked away with new insights. I stand by my comments – the pieces are lovely, and small enough to be “cash and carry “art objects.” They are referential to Modernism. The fact that they are football stats is hilarious. I actually think the fact that this is disguised behind their politely designed surfaces is interesting (make me very curious) but I am not sure what it says or does- what is the story this dissonance is trying to tell?

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