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Class 7: The Weather Bag


Here is a link to my this week’s project, The weather bag.

So when you input a name of a city, that it will be shown on the screen that the humidity (the numbers of the bubbles), the overall temperature ,(if it is above 10 degree the city will be redish, otherwise blueish) , and the wind speed.(the speed of the clouds floating).

My first idea before the homework was to make drawing out of the API technique that learned from the class, and then I found this really pretty picture of the canvas bag, so I thought it may as well be a good idea to create something on the bag. And I’m also happy to find the cloud image with no background, really make the sketch so much better.

Here is a specially thanks to Yining Shi, our lovely resident of ITP that was super kind and nice, she helped me out with my wish to make it refresh every time I clicked ‘submit’. It was always nice have the appointment with her.

It was not that long a time to finish the work, but I’m still wishing to add something more to it, like:

  1. Find a image API that can refresh the city image, now I upload them, and set the input value. It seems that a lot of the API was based on the photo id, which make no sense in my project here.
  2. Make a songlist and playing different music according to different weather. (Ask Amanda more about it!!)


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