Intro to Fabrication

Class 1: Stamp Flashlight

For this week’s assignment, we are asked to make a flashlight.

A flashlight has to :

  • portable
  • creates light

I recently found someone just throw away a pile of stamps away, I thought it might be a good idea, as well as very environmental friendly to use something from the junk shelf.


The action that to press the stamp down the paper in order to make a pattern on the paper or stuff interests me a lot, and I thought it could be interesting to use that action into a switch.


I started to draw a really rough sketch for me to understand how that to make it. Thanks to Hayeon Hwang, who offered me the advice to cut it in half, to make the circuit placement easier. And she was super nice helped me out with the sewing part. Which I have not learned from fab class yet.


Hole drilling.


Drilled another hole to put the switch in.

In order to place the battery in, to open another bigger hole.

Testing the circuit. It worked!!

img_5704 Glue the two part together.img_5705Using the holder to make it glue tighter.

Sanding a bit to make the surface smooth.img_5707



What could be better:

  1. Try not to press it too hard when using holder, it’s kind a soft material, the shape is very easy to change.
  2. Make the button prettier, and became a part of the pattern it created on the stamp, since now it is just a normal looking button.

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