Intro to Fabrication

Class 2: Flower Pot

I wanna to make something that I can also use in the future, some shape that is simple and elegant, and possibly multi-proposes as well. So this week I decided to make some flower pot, also I like flowers.


Sketch I made, the size gonna be 4 X 4 inches, and 1.5 X 4 inches.

img_5732The biggest drill bit for hole making is 2.5 inches, so I made a sketch to see how that going to look like on the pot, well, it’s nice.

img_5734I did the measuring and using the drill press for cutting, but it turn out to be really rough.

img_5736…I’m not crying.


So I turned to band saw, so much better, I espeically love the the holder on the left, that really make sense, however I can’t make accurate cut either, but I guess I can fit that later with the sanding.


Going well.


Layer them up, looking nice. Till this part, it took me a whole day.


I draw the cross lines on the surface, then using a long drill bit to cut through the first 3 pieces of the flower pot, to make sure of the center, but it turned out not really helpful…


The problem that I faced here is that, the drill bit is not long enough for three pieces, so it’s not really doable to glue them up and drill together. So I have to to one by one, so total 3X5=15 pieces. The way I did was to make sure the first hole was in right center and perfectly (…well) made. Then I mark the location of the piece on the clam using tape, you can see from the picture that the black tapes was on the claw. What I will do is that place the next piece exactly where the first piece is, and make sure the hole will go through the same spot. It will be good, is all of them are in the same shapes…

What I tried before is to draw the ellipses on each pieces, but just thinking about that, I feel there will be a lot lot of inaccuracies. For the center is drilled, the center is a hole instead of a spot, that is annoying.

Hao from second year of ITP suggested me that, next time just drill holes in bunch of random wood, glue them up, cut them together. That is indeed a great idea. I thought if thats how they do in mass production.


Anyway, I made those.


Put up bottom layer. Almost done?


Hayeon Hwang borrow me the fancy wood glue that they don’t have in the shop. I feel so loved. ; ) Actually my idea of making those pot came from her, I thought about using those pot from future light base.



Hold it. Hold it. I waited for that meanwhile had a long and informative nice talk with Micheal Simpson about architecture and coding. He’s awesome, I’m gonna gave one of those flower pot when I’m done.


My first sanding, and that’s the “first pancake”, I make it soooooo much smaller, because it was rather hard for me to make them exactly vertical, as someone who has a design background, the none-vertical or not-perfectly-aligned are killing me.


Drill one more time to make sure the hole go through the 3 layers.

img_5777 img_5778

Hand sanding the inside. Enjoyed it.img_5779

Basically done. But so much more could been done in sanding too.

It was a lot of fun, but pain in the same time. If I could do it again, maybe I will drill the hole on random wood, glue them together, make sure the hole go through, then cut them. Just by thinking of that seems like a lot of fun.

Though I studied Industrial Design as undergraduate, but I rarely do fabrication by myself. I’m glad I took this class to make up what I should been done as a undergraduate.

2 thoughts on “Class 2: Flower Pot

  1. Good work. I like that you’ve created a different plan if you had to do it all over again. You could have used a different drill bit too. The hole saw bit is great, but as you saw, can only drill so deep. A spade bit or Forstner bit could have drilled deeper, definitely into 3 or 4 pieces of wood.

    I couldn’t tell from your pictures, did you clamp the vise to the drill press?

    Do you plan on painting or treating the wood? Making it water proof?

    1. Thank you Ben,
      yes, that did occur to me that to use a spade bit, but I didn’t find it in the store and also I heard it is expensive so I kinda gave up on that haha. Using the hole saw helped me to think about the logic of making, that I like.
      yes I did clam the vise.
      I want to paint the pot using transparent wood paint, to make it water proof, but haven’t done it yet, I should have written that on the blog post too, thank you ; )

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