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Final Playtest update 11.9.2016

Today I had my first playtest on the idea of Memory Cloud.


Here is the items that I used for the playtest,  sorry for the black spot on the phone, so there was a very roughly made cloud out of those fill up that I found in the soft lab, and a wire linked up with the telephone that were made of a piece of paper (with keys to press on) and a banana.(I ate it so it’s not there on the picture)

So I begin to mock a bell ring sound for the beginning of the playtest, around 70% of the tester have the urge to pick up the banana to answer phone. I can’t find a more telephone-ish thing so far so I don’t blame 30 % of them for that. Then I started with the voice instruction that like “Welcome to memory cloud, you can either press one to record a memory about XXX, or press 2 to listen to a memory about a memory about XXX ” , I gave random word to XXX everytime.

I had the worry about how to let people talk, today’s playtest just prove it.

Maybe it is because the whole setting is too shabby and I wouldn’t want to talk my memory or a story to a banana that wired up with a big ball of cotton.

I also collected 25 playtest survey papers today, those answers are priceless.


The system diagram on the paper.screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-11-54-58-pm

My concerns :

Will it be comfortable enough for people to talk about their memory on the phone? If other people are around, especially the people you don’t really know.

How much will my final project look like this. How much will I change this.

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  1. You mention that the playtest answers are priceless, that’s good to hear. Can you summarize what they said and what you learned from them?

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