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Laser Cut : Building Block

My inspiration came from the snowflake building block that I played when as a kid.



Instead to build them up together to form a 3D shape, I want it to be more of context concerned. Like print letter that could form a word, name or sentence.



First I started with illustration in AI, I’ve become a little rusty on that. I found a font that is more suitable for laser cutting, called PHANTOM STENCIL. Because it won’t form a blank space when laser cutting like other fonts.  Then I sent the file to the laptop by the laser cutter, set the parameters as in the file on shop website.


Press the magical start button.


Can’t stop to look at the laser with glasses on.

The problem is that I realize that even I set the time and parameters base on the file online, my acrylic sheet still didn’t cut through. I cut each of them 3 times to make sure that it will went out well.




What I will next is to build the connection joints for the building blocks.

Though I didn’t really make anything this week, but I get to learn how this laser cut thing works, and I have already come up with something to do with acrylic next week. If I can do that a second time probably I will try to use the tape first to see wether the sheet has been cut through or not.

Uh, and also a mistake I made is that, I use the line with padding when in the AI, but when before laser cut, I need to reset the padding to 0.01, so the size changed a bit and I didn’t realize that before cut, now it’s too late. ;      ) .  Will check on that next time, probably set the padding BEFORE and sizing.

Maybe, I need to improve my skill of documentation as well. haha


One thought on “Laser Cut : Building Block

  1. Glad you experimented with different shapes and colors of acrylic.

    Making sure you have fully cut through your pieces is something you should always check for (the tape trick).

    Getting pieces to fit together is tough. You should experiment with different tolerance to find the best size and fit.

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