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Final Processing

As for my project, which is a palm reader machine that print out poems for both past and future, the name I’m still thinking on. I thought it might be a good idea to record my thoughts to help me get clear on the ideas etc.

I should work on the naming part as well.


1.I will use one potentiometer for age that the user would wanted to know the “fortune” of. I thought about using two age input, add one more as the real age input, but maybe some people is very sensitive about their age, so that may not be a really good idea.

But if I don’t know their real age, how can I interpret their palm line growing in order to predict or know their past.  HOWWWWW…

2. Jingwen, as awesome as usual, suggested me to create a breathing light on the palm reader and make it more interesting and intriguing for people, and when the hand is put on, send a singal to the arduino to change the lighting effect. To make it more interactive.


As for the coding part, I will work in P5 and Javascript. Today Leon introduced me a github page by Kyle McDonald, I tried to work with the edge detecting thing, and it is very good in edge detecting of course, code here.


Hello world

However, with the light I got from the ER, I can somehow detect a little palm line, but the result can be really differ, since I have very special palm line that is really deep and a  is striaght line across the whole palm. Which only 5%-10% of people have this, and luckily make it somehow easier for the cam to capture.

Like this:



What I will do next is that get a cam with LED (from ER), try to capture image and then find the right lighting.


I got the size the hands by letting 6 people draw their hands on the paper.



Shopping List

I already made an order on Adafruit.

1 x Thermal Receipt Printer Guts[ID:2753] = $39.96
10 x Thermal paper roll – 50′ long, 2.25″ wide[ID:599] = $17.60
1 x Dual Alphanumeric Display – White 0.54″ Digit Height – Pack of
2[ID:2153] = $7.95
1 x Dual Alphanumeric Display – Red 0.54″ Digit Height – Pack of 2[ID:1907]
= $3.95
1 x Solid Machined Metal Knob – 1″ Diameter[ID:2056] = $3.95
Sub-Total: $73.41

So expensive.

What I also need:

Webcam (ER)

building material, (walnut, arcylic, maybe I’ll get a box from Container Store)


The ICM part should be finished by Dec.8, and Pcom is one week after that, that may allow me a little more time to work on the fab part.


Get the box–container store (Sat.)

fab part. Design the surface for the top lid

work on the cam(ER),then buy one + pixels (talk with Rozin) Coding part.


work on the cam(ER),then buy one + pixels (talk with Rozin) Coding part.

Pcom part, work on the button, potentiometer

Poems writing, text stuff

age detecting make a difference


work on the cam(ER),then buy one + pixels (talk with Rozin) Coding part.

Buffer, enclosure.

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  1. This is a helpful and detailed update on your progress, thanks. Don’t worry about naming, that’s the least important thing at this point. With the potentiometer for setting the age, how much resolution will you need? Assuming the maximum range of the microcontroller’s analog inputs, you can get 1023 possible dates. That’s a little under three years. Is that enough range?

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