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Wooden Book Box

For this week’s fab, I wanna to make a wooden box for my Pcom+ICM final prototype.


It all starts with a sketch.

img_5993 img_5995

Measuring and cutting. During cutting I think there might be a issue with the blade that it was extremely not straight, and it wasn’t just happened to me, it also happened to Yunho. It took me a long time on sanding. It was then that I also realized a issue, my wood is not flat… that made it so hard for me to make the box flat and good looking.

So I tried the solution to wet them first and then clamp them whole night.
img_6002 img_6007

It worked, for a little. But I tried 😉

img_6008 img_6009


I bought the hinges for the cover of the book. They are awesome but I think they are more suitable for detachable part, since the pin inside of the hinges are moveable and very easy to get lost, after some sanding of the whole box, I lost one already. : )img_6017


Here is how it turned out in the end, they are not flat so that broke my heart but I tried, and I really like working with wood.

If I can make it all over again, I think I would check the wood before I paid. I learned my lesson. And if I have time and energy I will paint it~




One thought on “Wooden Book Box

  1. Nice work. What is the PComp+ICM project that is going in it? Does it need to have any controls or cables? I’d like to see more info on that.

    Where did your material come from? What is it? Pine?

    Where did you get the hinges from? How did you create the design?

    When working with natural wood (not plywood) you typically need to perform an operation called planing. This flattens the wood by thinning it out. We don’t have a planer in our shop, so it makes this kind of wood working difficult. What part of the box is not flat?

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