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Salt Light

For this week’s fab, I decided to take a look at an interesting material — salt.

I got this piece of salt from amazon, it is Himalayan salt, it has a natural pink color. And I was inspired by a tutorial online. I want to make an light out of this, and also the wood pot that I made on week two.

img_6101 img_6103

Cutting the salt is so interesting, it is very tough and created this very beautiful small cracks on the surface.


I cut the pot into half to make the base layers of the light.


I just love drilling the salt, though it created a lot of salt dust but it is also amazing to see the salt got heat up and created beautiful patterns which really add the look to the material.

One thing that is tricky is that, when I tried to cut the first piece of salt, it turned to crystalized in the end part, maybe because of the heat.


Ok, layer them up, glue the little wooden leg on. Put a light bulb in. (Thank you Jeff) Done.


Have a little relaxing moment with you and your salt lamp. Feel the healing effect of the magic Himalayan salt.

Once again, I just love the cracks the salt created.


After thoughts:

  1. I didn’t glue them because I wanted to use better wood later.
  2. maybe it is better not to paint the wood, since the salt is also natural color.
  3. It could be such a great birthday gift!

One thought on “Salt Light

  1. Great work. The effect is really nice.

    Salt is an interesting material choice, never worked with it before. Avoid getting it wet, it will eat away the surface.

    What kind of light is in it? Is it DC or AC? Does it get too hot?

    What kind of feet did you use, where did you get them, and how are they attached.

    I’d like to know what type of glue you plan on using.

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