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Mount Printer Gut

As for final project, I decided to build a palm reader that print out the “fortune” using thermal printer.


Here are what they looked from the outside.

I bought Adafruit thermal printer gut, img_6176

What they looked like before mounting.

It really took me a long time trying to figure out how to mount this in my tiny box, it’s not deep enough to mount like  a regular printer. I tried sketches but it’s still a little messy, then I decided just make it.


I cut the pieces and glue them together. To be the base.


Looking well.


I used the hair rubber band to tie it up to see wether the paper can go through.


Add the base to save some space for the paper.


Using the pins from the shop to mount the top chip part to the wood stick, bad choice, because the the screw is too long and too thin for the hole. I used glue instead.


Drill the hole for the paper roll.

Attach the pole to the cube with the hole, glue the base on the box.

This is so far the most diffcult fab thing I have ever done, because the paper and printer is extremely sensitive to force , I might need to do that again since I just realized how to mount this inregular shape better. But I’m barely functional now… I may ended up doing that again later.

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