For this week we are going to use the router, yeah.

Here is the plywood I got from Metropolitan lumber, one thing about this plywood is that it is pretty straight and I don’t have to worry about bending problem.

Draw and cut the wood into smaller pieces. 

Put the circle jig and center pin.

I used the hammer to hold the board. later proved that it is extremely hard to get off, next time I’d use the screws.

Put the center pin.


go through the first round, fun thing is that I missed the place of switch in the first place, I thought the one on the handle is the switch, however no.  

Go through another 4 rounds until it has been cut through. And then mark the right place for the ruler, clamp it to the table, to cut the straight line.


It’s not very straight … I think it is important to hold the router really hard while cutting, otherwise the router maybe mislead by the flow of the wood..?

Hurt myself while getting off the material 🙁

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