Design as Strategy and Practice

Observation Blog week one

It’s interesting that when I started my observation blog I wrote down on the paper, though my laptop is one inch away, it’s just more natural to me.

While I felt that most of my observation are diary-like, and doesn’t mean anything, feels wired a little to post them out.

  1. When I was reading on my Kindle 5 , the page turning button is really flat and strange, when I don’t clip my nail for a time , it starts to have this “snap” sound when I turn the page. I don’t know if I like it, I feel nothing about it, it doesn’t bother me or please me. If that is the interaction then I prefer turning real paper page more. And I turned to buy the real books even though I got them on Kindle, do I love shopping or do I love reading, or I just love the whole package of reading paper books more than just reading?
  2. When I lit the candle that I bought from Urban Outfitter, there is a thin smoke that was rising above the wick of the candle, which surprise me, and the name of the candle is Sahara, but I lit it up, it smells nothing like Sahara. It’s supposed to be dry, wild, dark, yellow and smoking. I bought it, maybe because the name reminds me of a summer in the desert of Xinjiang, west China. Or the smoke makes the whole name Sahara?
  3. When I was reading the novel 鬼吹灯, in English “ghost blows the light”, there was a scene that the tomb thief was sitting on the lap of the  female corpse, who is the owner of the tomb and her body was kept life-alike, the whole writing was sooo lifelike, with dancing fire, hungry crazy cat, wet tomb cave… it was disturbing and erotic in a strange way. I think the writer meant it.
  4. Wherever I go, if I will live there for a long time, I will buy a Wishbone chair. I love Wegner’s design, that’s the most expensive thing I do for the love of someone’ else’s design. Money spent for pure design.
  5. On Tuesday I went to Yin yoga and then I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with Yuli, I had the pancake, which was my first time eatting that. It has a yellow crispy outside and bean sprout inside, the sauce was light and pure reflecting the orange light. When poured on, the pancake was soaked immediately became soft, and taste great with the crispy inside. I am delighted that it costs less than 10 dollars, and I am delighted that I live right besides the restaurant.
  6. I bought Yogi Peach Detox tea, I don’t believe in Detox really, but I have a weakness for peaches. However it tastes nothing like peach and I felt cheated. I don’t know what I am detoxing for.
  7. I rethinked a little, I chose the class Design as Strategy instead of Doing good, is because of I like to studying things, even the things that are so obvious and simple to others. I like to study theories, while sometimes. Or I think I like to study theories. I like to make simple things complicated, I like to put a meaning, or came up with a meaning that convince others as well. Not to make what was so complicate things so simple, just to feel good? Will that be so disrespect to other’s work.

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