Using Othermill

This week We used the othermill for the first time, I thought about the difference between mill and laser cut, they do work differently, but maybe for something that is 2.5 D there is not much difference.

But I’m so glad to get one piece of floor as material.

Measure the material first and make the size as the canvas size in the adobe AI.

Save the file as svg file. Here is a screen shot of my file, It was the year and a character in my name. I used a small circle as the size of the mill bit, to remind myself not to design anything that the thickness is smaller than that circle. I had a problem later when I upload that to other plan, that is, when I want the part to not be caved, I should not use any filling, but in my file they are filled with white. I should use the pathfinder.

It took me a while to get used to the otherplan’s setting page, such as buttons like “loading”, “rehome” etc, and I notice that the mill will not start to mill until I put the windows back. 

Here it goes. I was surprised by the noise it made… I felt so sorry for other on the floor.

It was a long night.

My milling time is 1 hour and half, after milling for 40 minutes, I accidentally flip my laptop… then it just stopped, so was my heart…I flip open my laptop only to see that I have to start all over again. I think this is a bug ???

Well, not bad. I will keep this for future memory.

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