Using CNC

This week we are using CNC, it’s kind of complicated but luckily Skill Builder has all the details.

I measured my wood first to get an idea of how big the cut should be.

I draw a simple shape in vectorwork, I don’t know why I designed this… Maybe I watched too many panda videos recently… I bought extra 1/4″ CNC bit, I forgot to bring any… So I’m using the 1/2″ in the shop, it’s a little too big for my design, espeically for the blushes on the panda’s face.

Save it to thumb drive. I discovered that a lot of thumb drive didn’t work on mac system. Will figure that out later.

Measure the thickness of the plywood.


Translate the work to G code on CAM. The problems I had there are that, once set the tool, if the paths overlap with each other or it is too small for tool it is possible that the path won’t be created successfully.

Put the bit on.

Set the zero point of the CNC machine.

Don’t forget to turn on the dust collector.

I was a little scared when the CNC is running so I didn’t take any picture…



I don’t know why I made this lol.

If I can do that again I would use clock direction for the outline of the panda, so the face would be bigger and the shape of the ears wouldn’t get changed due to the size of the bit.

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