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Week 2 Express server and Reading

This week I tried to build something on Express server, I rewrite the code I had for last week with input box.

link 1


link 1 is the code I had with basicserver, and it worked, and thats how it should look like, cause it is static file?

However I struggle a lot with getting the data in to p5 sketch. However I do get the data out from the form.html.

I will try with this, creating API for this.


Reading respsonse :

Here Comes Everybody, Chapter 5: Publish then Filter

What I see from this chapter is that Shirky talks on the ease of how user generated content can be produced and he talks on “In this world the private register suffers – those of us who grew up with a strong separation between communication and broadcast media have a hard time…”, how people are deepyly attached in the social media life.

No wonder the saying goes, more friends, the lonelier. What also interests me is that he talks about how more people you could interact with and the less likely you are going to do that, this remind me of the minimalist in asia that try to live with as few things as possible, and also the book called断舍离, thus KonMari, which means to use as little things as possible, to keep oneself light and joyful. Since the less things you need to care about, the more energetic one could be.

Shirky also conclude that the disadvantages about fame because “Oprah can’t talk to even a fraction of her audience, ever, because she is famous…” “Egalitarianism is possible only in small social systems…”

Etienne Wengner calls the platform that the web provide us “communities of practice”, in this platform people talk abotu what they do and how they could do it better. However, conversation is Kind, but content is just something to talk about. Is that means that the format of converstaion is more important than the pure content?

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