Making CNC Joinery

I was very interested in this kind of joinery, this kind of joinery to me is very classical, and I would love to embrace that in my future design. thus I want to make this dovetail joinery.


Sketching in vectorwork is not easy, since I wasn’t very clear on how to make this.

At first, I use the curves to connect together, though there is no gap between, (I though) however the CAM does not recognize they as closed shape. I don’t know why.

I guess maybe, as you fill the curve, the fill is not in the shape but outside. (I can’t express that…lol)

Then I tried with the real shapes and try to fill and connect them. And this works. Yeah

It’s better. But what if I want to put more gap in between. I have to use rect I guess.

Then I set the parameters in CAM, the cutting was 0.477 inche to cut through and  0.238 for pocketing.

What happened? And I realized I used the wrong bit… I used the bit of othermill, which is 1/8 inches…. and I broke it…

Changed the bit. Then I realized that the pocket is too deep.

Measure again


I tried….  I was going to cut this, but the table saw was broken.

I tried….

I was doing this whole night, thanks Tiri for the bread!!!


What I learned today:

  1. I think from now on, I would put on the bit first, then set the zero point, then adjust the bit to a point that it is just the surface on the material.
  2. If try to pocket a very specific number, try a smaller number in the first round, before it cut through the contour part, stop it, then coming back to CAM and CNC back and forth.

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