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Week 3: Post it to see + Reading

This week I learned how to make a page for displaying blog post online.

See here.

What strike me is that how we can be totally different when we are online vs offline. And we do not always express the real self online, or expressing the “real self” too much. Since we been spending so much time online, are we developing another personality online? Is the one we are expressing online becoming our real self?

I realized that in my life, or my online life, some people can use their image online, exaggerate a lot in order to be read, to get attention. Some people are expressing themselves for the sake to express. Or people want to be heard.

I had this idea now, wasn’t sure if I can build the thing before next class, using an API that does the word recognizing, turn the words into opposite words, in order to hide the real intention, (to be unreadable and protecting the blogger? )

And here I tried how to post them on Github, I don’t know if I’m doing the right way…? I had office hour with Cici Liu before and what she taught me was a lot more complicated way, are they the same?


Here is the code from Shawn just in case.



A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace

it was rather interesting to read something that was written 21 years ago when internet was still a new thing. To me that this shows the very article shows a its own independence by against any other outside force, especially that in United States that it does not have the right law for internet, and the internet should determine how to handle its own problems, based on golden rule. Which is the principle that treating others as one would wish to be treated.

I understand the time and situation that it was written however I can’t totally agree with this totally. To my understanding that, internet , as well as any other type of new tech, its propose is to better serve human, that did not mean that lacking or no regulation, besides, real world even need law, and the govern power, we do not live in a physical world where totally based on golden rule, it is not hard to hurt someone cyberly, cyber can kill and words can hurt, why not law.

Amusing Ourselves to Death

Postman invokes Marshall Mcluhan’s idea that “the medium is the message”, this means that the content of any medium itself, no matter book, TV, radio etc, will be determined by the form of the media that presents it, and he belives that media commnication is indirect.

Media’s influence was also extended into the rest of the world, into rest of the culture.  Such as the eyeglasses is a technology that improved human sight, which has to thank to people’s ambtion that regrading the human genome project.

He concludes the chapter by saying “our languages are our media. Our media are our metaphors. Our metaphors create the content of our culture”


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