Wooden camera

Inspired by this picture, for this project I’d love to make a wooden camera.  I want to make a “Mean Camera” that print out the description of the things that its taking picture of, instead of the real picture.

Draw the sketch in vectorworks.

For this project, I used clock in for pocketing and countering out for contour.Setting in CAM and bring it in CNC, I got the material in Homedepot, the 1 inche thick pine, then I see that it is only 3/4 of a inche, how dare they call themselve one inche… : ( the pine is sooooo soft that when I was using a nail on it, it cracks. Wishing next time get a firmer wood.

Setting in CNC.

The saw dust is disgusting… QAQ

Yeah the pieces.

I get the magnet to make the detachable len, before glue then together.

find the right spot. Drill a hole and then put it in.

see if the size of the lens works. Actually I sand it a little since it is slightly larger. CNC is not accurate, I learned that.

Put anther magnet in the lens side before glueing.

The lens and camera fits well!!

Sand it to have a nice side curve.

Put the finish on. Thanks Hayley!!!! for lending me thousands of finishes she had!!!!

I tried this very milky finish first on the wasted pine, I don’t really like it. So I tried the other one. I want to show the real color and lines on the pine, so I’m not thinking about the finishes that cover the real color.

For this part I used the tissue as the brush, and Q tip for more detail parts. I wish I know this finish earlier, it is just beautiful, not covering anything, not adding too much color, but just enhance what the wood already had. So beautiful. Where are you before in the 23 years in my life, Tung Oil Finish?

I’m gonna make the finish for all the wood project I’ve done before.


If I’ll make it one more time, which I will surly do, I will measure more carefully on the location of the magnet, to make sure that it is in the location where is the center of the lens, so I don’t have to rotate and find the sweet spot to put it on the camera.

PS: I can’t believe 9 magnets costs 10 dollars!!!!

Looks & feels better than I expected!!




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