Light and Interactivity

One day of ITP //天地不仁,以万物为刍狗

//沧海桑田, “seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields into seas “.

For this week’s assignment I made this time lapse video using iPad on the floor, I tried to use the fancy Canon 5DIII to do that, after 2 hours of trying I realized that there is no built in time lapse function, I almost can’t believe it.

But video turned out not bad though. I love how during the night, the reflection on the window of the ITPers who were siting next it. And I was also amazed by how little the time when there is totally no one on the floor, is this because of the midterm?

What I also like is that during the day time, from 0:09-0:13, the really bright reflection from another building to the building on the left side of the video, it is just beautiful, to see how they move because of the sun.

On 0:18, the light on the inside suddenly turn yellow and orange-ish. I don’t really know why…

There is something really poetic about time-lapse video, to see the still things like buildings, tables, books, and to see light, people and birds come and go. The light, not just the natural light liek sun, but also the indoors light, tells us when to wake up, when to go out, when to start our days, we as people change, we will always learn more, do more, grew old, eventually die, however no matter how many years later, the sun still also rises, as long as there is human, they will always find a way to use and control the light.

In Dao Te Ching (道德经), Lao Zi wrote “天地不仁,以万物为刍狗”,“Nature is unbiased, seeing everything as a straw dog.” Lao Zi wrote that 2500 years ago, I tried to picture my country during 2500 years, how dynasty changes , how many books written, how many wars happened, how many family, lovers say goodbye, how many loves poems told, how many children learned how to read and later teach their children how to read, how many dreams killed, how many people die for nothing. Not to mention worldwide, China itself, 2500 years, we had countless dynasty and emperors, our map expended to Hungary during Yuan dynasty, then we were taken by Mongolian, Manju… many years later European, Japanese. Then we had the new country that we call people’s republic, we had Mao, Deng etc, we had great famine where hundreds of thousands of people die, we had Cultural Revolution against everything reasonable, we had young students protest, they used to be young. Years later, I was born. I went to school, my beloved grandmother passed away, we had Olympic, I am in New York.

But as I read Dao Te Ching, I tried to think what Lao Zi said, “Nature is unbiased, seeing everything as a straw dog.”, I looked at the Sun above, the sun Lao Zi saw 2500 years ago may not be so much different from the one that is above me.

As I am writing now, I felt grateful to light, and even more grateful to seeing the light.


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