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Week 5 Reading +assignment

Postscript on the Societies of Control

So “postscript” means an additional remark at the end of a letter, after the signature and introduced by “PS”, in this article, Deleuze discusses how Foucault located disciplinary socieities and how they functioned in enclosed spaces. That he mentioned, the society we lived in is constantly changing, and we are shifting towards that disciplinary societies will eventually be replaced by societies of control.

He also stated that the society of control are part of the society of evolution, Societies of discipline are primary forms of technology and machines.

Besides, individuals should be aware of how the shift from disciplinary societies to societies of control continues to be a method of controlling individuals, and manipulation of power.

“These are the societies of control, which are in the process of replacing the disciplinary societies. ‘Control’ is the name Burroughs proposes as a term for the new monster, one that Foucault recognizes as our immediate future” (p. 4).


The Question Concerning Technology

Heidegger calls the current “instrumental”, which means “aimed at getting things done”, and also closely related to “standing reserve” that later mentioned, and also “anthropological, which is a human definition of technology.

How to see “instrumental”, the basic idea behind that that human use technology as a tool, as the cook with the vegetable, or coder with computer, what Heidegger’s pursuit of fundamental meaning of “instrumentality” leads him to the question of causality, then responsibility and indebtedness.

As goes in the poem

But where danger is, grows

The saving power also.

Truth for Heidegger is a revealing , and the processing of something giving or showing itself.




I try to work on storing data as well as separate HTTP file with Js.


Midterm idea:

Build a blog or something as short as Twitter or Weibo post website, that let the data go through a API that help you find the opposite words in the post. Inspire by the people who try the be someone they are not either online or in “real” life. Try to think on how we act and say reflect on us, and how what really define us.

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