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On From Tree To Shining Tree


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I was interested on how fungus and tree’s relationship, so I decided to take a look on Lingzhi fungus.


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In Chinese culture, Lingzhi represent good luck and longlifes, and was considered expensive and long live. And also considered a symbol for representing wleath.

Related imageI had one when I was little, a alive one, that was still growing on a tree. I was amazed by how woody the Lingzhi feels, it was too hard that I almost thought it was fake one.

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Image result for 灵芝In China Jiangxi, they find so many giant Lingzhi, as shown in the picture. Most interestingly, they were often found on old coffin.

四川现巨型灵芝大如伞盖 专家:野外棺木是巨型灵芝主要生长地Related imageImage result for 棺材 灵芝

It really adds more mystery to the coffin and grave when found those growing on it.

Lingzhi often grows on rotten tree or tree root, so all the giant wild Lingzhi are growing on coffin in south west China. Because the coffin’s wood choice is always “good” wood with more nutrition for fungus, besides they were usually in wet and quiet location where not so many visitors.

I think it might be really interesting to combine Fungus with considering on death and live. It also reminds me of Chinese death suit. It has those Lingzhi character on it.deImage result for 寿衣 图案

This leads me to this fascinating mushroom death suit. Which helped to digest your body after you die.

Since we are taking away animals’ life for fur, cutting down the trees for furniture. There is something disturbing as well as poetic to let go your own life and body tp make other creature live .

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