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For midterm I was inspired by how some people act totally different when they are online vs in their real life, and how many people just tell their own privacy online, either of them, to me, is a so called “healthy” attitude. Is our identity online a fake identity or just anther part of ourselves?

With the technique we learned during the class, I was thinking maybe to build a blog that find the antonym of the input data, so “I am happy” will be post out as  ” I am unhappy”.

I tried to work with antonym API first, here is the sketch I built first in P5, just to test out the API.

Here is how the logic goes :

User input — split string with ” “, make sentences into words — output words data to antonym API — do the if(), if the antonym exsit, go for antonym[0], else, return the previous word –find the index of the word with antonym and replace with antonym [0] –print out

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