Fungus Among us

Fungus burial

The piece from Jae Rhim Lee called “mushroom burial suit” really inspires me a lot.

In ancient Chinese culture, people want to be immortal . I remember a scene from Last Emperor, that when Cixi’s last moment in her life, a piece of “magical”  jewel was put inside of her mouth to keep her body from rotten.

There are so many way in ancient Chinese tomb to keep the body from rotten during times, we tried mercury, and complex tomb system.

There are some success, in China Mawangdui tomb, the body of Xinzhui, the tomb owner, was kept 2000 years while the skin was still flexible, her skin was soft and moist, with muscles that still allowed for her arms and legs to flex at the joint. It was because of the four rectangular pine constructs that sat inside one another which were buried beneath layers of charcoal and white clay.



That’s how the upper class do, however among the normal people, the Daoism has this action of making the pills of immortatily. It was not that successful in the term of immortatily , however they accidentally create the bomb we are using now.

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Among the normal people, we have this saying that “不孝有三,无后为大”, which means “There are three major offenses against filial piety (do not support parents when they are alive, do not give them a decent Burial upon their death, and do not produce an heir, the last of which is the gravest offense. Which means that the greatest unfilial would be not to produce an heir, is that a compromise of not being to be immortal, but try to find another solution to continue a part of them to the next generation.


(filial action)

So in China, burial is really expensive, as the monopolization of the burial market. The simply made cinerary casket call up to thousands of dollars. And due to the toxic paint on the box as well as the coffin, make it hard to decay in soil, and it is not a environmental friendly act for the nature.Image result for 骨灰盒
That makes start to wonder if that’s possible to build the future cinerary casket using fungus material– they are hard enough and super environmental friendly for the future.
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I guess one thing that strike me when thinking about this issue is that why immortal when dead, enjoy now.

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