Snowman made with wood lathe

This week I tried with wood lathe, I tried with metal lathe once when as an undergraduate, that was my fav tool at that time, it is just so satisfying to play around, and I believe that it was truly the beauty of subtraction.

I used the fire wood Ben gave us, I doubt in the first place that this wood might be too rough.

I cut it in half.
Mark the center for the wood.

Put it on the lathe.

I cut it a little to get rid of the excess edges, and did a lot of sanding and latheing. I didn’t this part to be this long, more than 3 hours to be like this.

Since the surface is really rough and uneven, it was quite scary to lathe it.

I didn’t made up my mind in the first place of what I am going to make, since I have no idea what scale my usable material going to be like.

Only this point I know the measure I can work with.

I decided to make a snowman!!!

Mark the diameters on the wood. The ratio of sketch and material is 1:1.

Lathe it! Ok that was day one. Though it is not there yet, but still a lot of work.

Work on the shape and details.

Haha so much better. That was my fav part, and I began to know the right speed, and which turning tool to use and what angle to cut in.

Sand it!

Oil it! I cut it out then I put it back to oil, which I wish I didn’t, one is hard to find the center again, two is that it left the marks on the material.


I like the natural wood pattern on it.

I added a little scarf to it, since it is still snowing in New York. Everyone should stay warm!!!

It is amazing to think that the snowman was made of the wood behind it.


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