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Publish then filter

On reading Publish then Filter

from Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky 



“The media landscape is transformed.. one result is to break the older pattern of professional filtering of the good from the mediocre before publication, now such filtering is increasingly social, and happens after the fact.”

The internet and new communication tools are so different from previous publishing and production tool,  like newspaper or TV. That the old way of “filter then publish” is now “publish then filter”. So this whole chapter talks about how nowadays communication media have this way of dealing with messages is that first publish then filter, the more traditional way for books or magazines would be have a bunch of professional people checked first, since the publishing expense, the publisher’s first decision would be wether to print this essay or not.

He talks about what is user-generated content, that is not just the output of ordinary people with access to creative tools like word processors and drawing programs, it requires re-creative tool as well, like Flicker and wikipedia, that provide those same people with the ability to distribute their creations to others. So the novel or code you are writing is not user-generated content. User-generated content is group phenomenon and an amateur one. He took MySpace for example (the book was written on 2008), it has tens of millions of users, and most users only interact with a few others. If everyone who has a Myspace account be considered as a publisher, who what to be the publish that only have a dozen of reader? And it is also easy to think that a lot of those content are low quality, is because they are not talking to you. When see back 2008, people are not so used to see written material in publict that isn’t intended for us.



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