Piggy on 4 axis

I lost weight recently probably due pressure etc, which I don’t want. So as for compensation I wand to make something fat and round on 4 axis.

I decided to test with my pine wood which I left from CNC wood camera. I cut and glue them.

I downloaded the rhino to make the model, I haven’t been making 3D models for almost three years now and my skills are gone…

Poor piggy on sticks. The tabs are too thin for my fatty piggy, I used 0.01 inches which is too thin. So it was quite shaky when cutting, so many times my heart stop.

Set the axis, I was surprised that the 0 for x axis starts form the right.

I got fascinated looking at the 4 axis cutting, especially for the second round where the shape began to be shown.

On the side look, it looks good. Till here the cut was 1 hour and half.


Front view????? What happened to the ears. Looks like wired hair cut.

Maybe because it is only cut from 2 axis. Instead of 4. Looking forward what more 4 axis can do.

Same with the legs, that’s not how I designed it, lol.

Drilling and sanding.
Draw the eyes!

Piggy in field trip, spring(summer?) is coming.

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