Bear on 4 axis

For this week I want to explore more of 4 axis, so I decided to try with wood toy joinery.

I thought it might be cool to design a toy with joinery.

So I made a bear on Rhino. Compared to what happened later on four axis, this is the happiest  part of this whole assignment. : )









I tore apart brunch of toys as a kid, however I couldn’t remember any of their joinery when I try to design one myself. So I recheck the video of  Japanese wood doll making process video, I used the same design in my bear’s neck design, and tried to use the barbie’s leg joinery too.

I should have know the size of my material first, before I made the joinery design, since it is very possible that 1/4″ might be too big.

I tried with serval way to align poor bear’s body parts… to fit the block (Thanks Yanlin for the material).

This is the best way, to make the biggest body parts to reduce the influnce of the oversized bit, I wish.

One thing to note that, this so called 4 axis machine does not treat block material very well. So I hand sanded my block material into cylinder.


Yeah didn’t quite worked well. (the tap was also too thin, it was like 0.1, and it snaped, loudly)

A sad bear fetus. 

At this point, I start to doubt myself why am I designing such delicate parts, and using 1/4″ bit.

But I was so determined to make it, otherwise the time I spent on design and modelling would be in vain. So I decided to try another time. With no smaller bit chose, I decided to :

  1. get the biggest material as I can
  2. divided the body parts as far as possible, so they can get more details. And move the joinery parts as far as possible from the middle rotate line, since that’s where the tabs goona be, and they gonna ruin the joinery design.

I believe that if I follow those two rules, my next result would be much better. (no) I thought about just change the design into a full bear design sitted or standing, it will be a lot eaiser and safer, but I’m so curious so I decided to give it one more go. Since I got access to a bigger cylider of wood of Homedepot, thanks to Eric. However I should have alert when his spoon snaps so many times.

Why this knob is so hard to tweak, my fingers still hurt.

It seems fine at begining. I don’t think this material is supposed to be used as woodwork project, it smells like cheap wood glue when cutting.

20 mins later. Not much body parts left. Alllll snappedd. And the joinery design was still tooo small for the bit too. 
Cyborg evil bear invading junk shelf.

I tried. 🙂 The weather outside is too nice to make this bear for the third times.

*All respect to toy makers and designers.


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