Making foosball player

Wood lathe is my fav tool in the shop, and I would love to test the lathe with new material to make the foosball player, I tried glued plywood, (baltic birch) it’s very sturdy surprisingly.

I had the design first. And had the wood glued up the one day before. I wasn’t able to get on lathe very soon so I was just sanding the wood and waited for a while.

It is very jumpy at the beginning, at this point, not much time left for the foosball competition. Around 15 minutes.

I really have to rush to drill the holes… bye bye design.

Mine is too big compared to everyone else. I was surprised by other folks’ humbleness. As large as my foosball player, he never ever catch a ball even once at this whole play, seriously, I was watching the whole time but never one.  I started to think there must be a reason that the foosball players are skinny.


But look on the bright side, if there is any, he stayed through the whole game without cracking! Never miss a single part of his body!

If the wood lathe is back to work again, I’d like to remake this.

Please forget that I made this. 😂

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