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Sea & Mulberry Field




As I wrote in my proposal , this will be a project that shows the nature changes. The idea came from Daoism and the Chinese idiom “Sea and Mulberry field”, which literally means seas change into mulberry field and mulberry field change into seas, to describe how human’s life span is relatively short compare to the changes in nature.


I started with building the models to help me understand the structure.










Then I illustrate the changes of the graphic in order to design the paper part.



With that, I am able to design each layers.



Here is a short video of my fabrication part.

Thanks to everyone who is in the video that helped me out!!!

Some people told me that this is a lot of work, I actually didn’t really see that myself, I was tired a little but OK, I really enjoyed making it. Something you had in my mind can be made by myself is just amazing. I think I’ll be around in the shop pretty often during the summer, there are so many other interesting and useless thing that I want to build. Thank you ITP, this bubble you gave.

Problems to solve:

  1. make a enclosure to keep the light in (maybe keep the back open in a way, or use the hinges, like door)
  2. find a way to make the paper layers less shakey.
  3.  better and stronger stepper motors.



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