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I was inspired by how people acted differently in their real life VS online, and I want to create this platform where it post out the opposite of what you posted online,

so that to the people who are dishonest online, this would be a tool that can show the real of themselves, and for the people who are being too honest online and post everything, this would be a tool that protect their privacy.

So I start with working with anatomy API, there are something interesting about that, they see “miss” as the anatomy of “have”, and “girl” to “boy”.

The logic works like they split the sentence into words, and go through every words into the API, find those words with anatomy and replace that, those who don’t have, stay as it is.

when I typed

“I am Siman and I am so smart and good in coding”

“Welcome to this useful website that I build”

“I love alone”

“I don’t miss you”

it printed out these:




I designed this very interesting graphic for my page, using this style of vaporwave. Two statues representing the two sides of our personalities.

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