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[Fortune on Face] face reading machine prototype


This machine will be serving a function of :

  1. be able to adjust the rail’s height (long screw and motor)according to people’s height and face location , once it reached its location it will stay still.
  2. pull the string (the string switch), the camera would take a snap shot at people’s face. regardless of people’s skin color etc, the “fortune” will be print out in the way of analyzing the propotion of people’s 五官 (five facial features: eyes, nose, ear, mouth, eyebrow), and will be printed out in the way of japanese omikuji.




This would be the same style as my Fortune on Hand, but stronger hhh. Challenges are:

  1. understanding and making the rails. (calculating the height and spin of the motor)
  2. print out the generated bitmap of omikuji
  3. using rapsberry pi instead of computer computer
  4. the webcam to use
  5. coding and using the library
  6. the handshake bewteen Arduino and javascript

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