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[final proposal] Sea and Mulberry fields

Inspiration 沧海桑田 (The Sea and mulberry Field) 沧海桑田 : The Sea and Mulberry fields , literally means the sea changes into mulberry fields. This idiom is used by Chinese speakers to describe the inexorable change in world events. It comes from an ancient Chinese legend (written by Ge Hong during the Jin Dynasty) about an immortal called Wang Fangping,… Continue reading [final proposal] Sea and Mulberry fields

Light and Interactivity

One day of ITP //天地不仁,以万物为刍狗

//沧海桑田, “seas change into mulberry fields and mulberry fields into seas “. For this week’s assignment I made this time lapse video using iPad on the floor, I tried to use the fancy Canon 5DIII to do that, after 2 hours of trying I realized that there is no built in time lapse function, I… Continue reading One day of ITP //天地不仁,以万物为刍狗